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Taberna del Volapié franchise offers you the opportunity to set up your own restaurant franchise with the leading tavern and tapas brand in Spain.

Our tavern franchise has a long history of success in the market, awarded as Best Restaurant Concept in 2017. We were born with the aim of exalting Andalusian culture and raising it to a higher level.

Taberna del Volapié leads a sector as competitive in the Spanish hospitality as bars, taverns and tapas. We have achieved this thanks to our philosophy, which remains faithful to the Andalusian tradition, but updating both our concept and our culinary offering.

Our model has developed a profitable franchise that adapts perfectly to the tastes and demands of every audience. Quality products capable of offering a distinctive gastronomic experience letting our customers enjoy the authentic flavours of the south whenever they feel like it.

In addition, our eyecatching interior design and decoration and a consistent communication strategy allow us to offer a unique and thematic but authentic and differentiated image.

By opening your Taberna del Volapié franchise you will run a successful business concept with significant advantages:

  • Profitable
  • Modern and up-to-date
  • Competitive
  • Versatile
  • Original

Stand up and take the alternative with a profitable hospitality franchise.

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